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People resist in wanting things they can’t have even though they already have everything.


The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Resist the temptation to pick the world up and shake it, shake yourself instead.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Lose your mind and come to your senses

Fritz Perls

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Coaching & Consultancy

As a coach and consultant;  Julie has worked with CEOs in the public and private sectors. Being a bu...

Staff and Team Coaching

People need tailor made solutions to issues in companies, practices and professional teams, not the ...

Clinical Supervision

As a Supervisor; Julie has an international reputation as a supervisor and trainer of supervisors. S...

Personal Development

It is said in ancient wisdom that one of our tasks in life is to meet:Three teachers Three friends T...

Counselling & Psychotherapy

As a Counsellor; Many people reach a time in their lives when they feel at a crossroads, where their...

Couple & Relational Counselling

As a Couples Counsellor; Julie has an understanding and compassion for the underlying dynamics that ...

Welcome to Julie Hewson Consultancy

I am here to offer you an invitation for you to consider your current needs, values and aspirations in your professional and personal life : to find a way of developing an interface between the two that enables you to enjoy your "one wild precious life"

Time is an issue for us all, I am offering a range of skills, techniques, diagnostics and self development strategies that will help you to

Take your time

Take your time and 

Take your Time

Whether in pursuit of business success, professional goals or personal enrichment and fulfillment.

I have worked both a a salaried professional and as a successful business woman and independent consultant for many many years,  and love what I do. My work has ranged from conflict resolution within a profession emerging from the tyranny of political oppression, to work in industry, hospitals, GP practices, multidisciplinary teams in many European countries, involving executive coaching, team building, dealing with change, creating new visions championing success and managing transitions. At the heart of each of these encounters are human beings doing the best they can do and sometimes failing through lack of alternative perspectives.

I can offer, above all, a tailor made service for you as a person responsible for others’ wellbeing, productivity and success, as well as dedicated time for you as a human being often isolated from support by the very nature of your role and responsibilities. I have provided a temnos, a private and reflective space in which to attend to the interface between ones private and professional life and be able to voice the worries and concerns which are not usually expressed in the workplace  to a number of key individuals in business, medicine, the services and in political life.


When I first enlisted Julie's help, I was and had been clinically depressed for many years. She instantly made me feel that I was in a good place, however doubts arose as they do when one has visited many therapists who have not been able to help. Gradually and subtly I became aware of how gifted, wise and dependable Julie is, and how very much better life was becoming. She showed me the way to processing my thoughts, feelings and actions in a more productive way. In turn I became aware of the person I really am. There is no doubt that Julie has been a bridge to my wellness. Her professional qualifications are without doubt but what makes her work really important and beneficial is a lifetime of learning to understand how the human psyche really works and how it becomes fashioned by experiences that dictate our direction. This requires real commitment to a need to ease and remedy whatever suffering a person who seeks her help is undergoing. This expertise is also borne of the way that she nourishes her own life.


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