About Julie

Julie Hewson PortraitMaster practitioner in Psychotherapy, Supervision, Coaching and Training with a diverse wealth of experience, Julie is an international visiting lecturer to many prestigious institutes in Europe and a consultant to the NHS and companies in the private sector.

Julie coaches, trains, supervises and consults individuals, couples and corporates all over the country and has included government ministers, the procurator fiscal’s office, doctors, mentors, managers, psychologists, teachers and social workers.

She has a very good sense of humour, a joyous personality and is a person of immense integrity. Her work involves the interaction between art and science, clear analysis and sensitivity to each individual who comes through the door.



Qualifications and Experience

Julie trained for 7 years to become a Psychotherapist through the ITAA and EATA in London and qualified as a Clinical Transactional Analyst and later, after six more years of study, a Training  and Supervising Transactional Analyst. At her examination in Minneapolis ,  one of her examiners, Mary Goulding, one of the founders of Transactional Alaysis and Gestalt said she wished she had been trained by her.

She is furthermore an Integrative Psychotherapist, having trained with Dr. Richard Erskine,  over  a period of ten years  in the integration of relational, psychoanalytic, object relations and integrative  psychotherapy, and in Jungian Analysis, having spent five years working with a Jungian Analyst and Art therapist, and additional training in Gestalt, Psychosynthesis and Transpersonal Psychology.

Julie has also trained in Evolved Thought Field Therapy, Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom technique and Logosynthesis and is a specialist in PTSD.

She also undertook a Diploma in Supervision and became one of the founders of the European Association for Supervision and Coaching.

In addition to this she is a qualified Executive Coach and Coach Trainer.

  • BA (Hons) Post Graduate, Cert Ed Dip SW, CQSW, TSTA, CTA,
  • BACP Registered Supervisor,
  • Registered UKCP Clinician
  • Trainer and Supervisor (and previously Vice President) for the European Association for Supervision and Coaching

‘I founded the Iron Mill Institute over thirty years ago which runs both National and European accredited courses in Psychotherapy, Counselling, Supervision, Coaching and Management and have trained a goodly number of professionals in the field over this time.

I also co-founded Elliot-Griffiths Coaching Training, which has been running for thirteen years and has trained people from the theatre to local government, the armed services to entrepreneurs, artists, clergy, the legal professions, a range of professions from the NHS from senior executives to administrators in small companies, Olympians, Counsellors and people wanting a change of career.

I love to travel and meet people and have worked abroad training and supervising in such places as Prague (immediately after the revolution), Naples, Amsterdam, Hannover, Maienfeldt (Switzerland) and have also run weeks in Spain at Cortijjo de Romero and Jamaica.’

Julie specialises in victims of trauma having trained especially in Switzerland for this purpose. ‘I have seen people from what was called The regional crime squad, the armed services, the emergency services and other people who have had experiences in their lives, which have left them shocked and still stuck in the trauma,’ recalls Julie. This reflects the range of her application of psychological and other areas of expertise, including conflict resolution, mediation, consultancy and inspired teaching.

Julie offers supervision for senior practitioners individually and in groups in Cornwall and in Devon and is now practicing in North Wales. She has written chapters in several key texts on supervision, was the vice president of the European Association for Supervision and Coaching. She helped found the Czech Institute of Supervision and was a BACP examiner for supervision accreditation. Designed and delivered Masters level courses in Supervision and Coaching, as well as Training Psychotherapists and Counsellors.

In addition Julie has a Master's degree in Authorial Illustration, she is a writer, illustrator, photographer and interior designer see JULIES ARTWORK & PHOTOGRAPHY HERE.



How Julie Works

I love working in ways that are directly suited to the client, whether it be quiet reflective awareness or strategic focused approaches. Ultimately it is the question of fit between client and practitioner and clarity as to what is really wanted and needed by the person seeking help.

My aim is to alleviate suffering as quickly as possible and then if needed take the time to analyse, origins and reasons for the distress and then help develop, with the client, a new vision for the future and the operational strategies that will enable this to be realised. I am clear as to when a person needs Psychotherapy or Counselling and when neither is required. Sometimes transformational coaching is more useful and appropriate.



Julie is a committed, creative and professional practitioner: psychotherapist, coach, supervisor and trainer. She is vastly experienced in working with a variety of clients in a number of settings.

Michael Carroll