Clinical Supervision

As a Supervisor;

Julie has an international reputation as a supervisor and trainer of supervisors. She has authored chapters in a number of seminal works on supervision and was in part responsible for the setting up the Czech Institute for Supervision. She is a founder member of the European Association for Supervision and Coaching ( EASC) and was also formerly an assessor of supervisors for BACP accreditation.

Julie runs groups in Devon and Cornwall for senior practitioners in psychotherapy and counselling and is also providing similar services in North Wales for practitioners already qualified and others in training.

She sees executive coaches, life coaches, psychotherapists and doctors for supervision and mentoring and she runs training in the field, both in UK and abroad, recently conducting a two day supervision seminar with top coaches in Prague.

Most importantly Julie loves her work. She is a master at creating a safe space for nourishing growth, creative discussion and the management of ethical dilemmas and challenges. Her work inspires learning, laughter and joy and her energy is motivating.

Supervision groups:

One of the best forums for supervision can be a really well functioning group, with a paid supervisor who brings his or her expertise to the group but also acts as a conductor to bring in the magic of the flutes, the brass, the strings and the percussion. I have the privilege of running such groups and these are like oases for all concerned.

It takes time to create a group and an ability to honour the skills of each member. It should be a place where anything of a professional nature can be discussed and that includes the interface between the personal and the professional, where work based issues impact personally on the individual. Such groups need to be honouring, compassionate and safe, a place where we can bring anything troubling us without ever fearing that we will be shamed.

One to one supervision:

Some people prefer one to one supervision. This gives you the opportunity to look at patterns such as; the kind of clients you are having referred; whether there is an imbalance in your case load, professional development issues, refreshment and resourcing. I supervise groups of psychotherapists, counsellors, and other professionals such as doctors, hoteliers, business people, teachers, priests and other supervisors and trainers and coaches.



Services include:

Group supervision
One to one supervision

  • Case discussion
  • Resourcing
  • Examining the impact the client has on you
  • Support
  • Dealing with  ethical issues
  • Professional development and accreditation
  • Celebrating good work
  • Dealing with gaps in knowledge
  • An oasis
  • Dealing with transference and countertransference
  • Choosing helpful interventions
  • Diagnostics
  • Treatment planning
  • Theories 



Case Study

A CEO who came for supervision brought a range of work related topics including; the management of staff, the creation of new visions for the company, how to integrate the interface between personal and professional life in terms of work-life balance and the invitation to learn models and methods that give a meta perspective to familiar territory. He has developed a complex and successful organisation dealing with the most challenging of young people and his emphasis on personal supervision and personal development has had its impact throughout his staff group.

In the process of change, old perspectives and strategies are used beyond their usefulness and often the key issue is the one that is not seen by the person coming for supervision.

It is my role to assist a person in finding amongst a number of problems, challenges and difficulties, the key issue on which all else hangs. Once this is discovered, change is enabled and the individual's power with and over a situation is created. From there a list of options can be engendered, evaluated and acted upon.

Supervision provides a helicopter view of any given sitation and helps uncover a range of unconscious dynamics that have thrown the problem solving process.


Julie Hewson has been my supervisor since 2015. I was looking for someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and I found that with Julie. In our first meeting, we quickly developed an I-Thou relationship and this has developed into an excellent working alliance. She has helped me develop and understand who I am as a therapist, and thereby my ability to help my clients, and is always prepared to challenge and nurture my thinking and ideas and highlight areas for improvement in a phenomenological way. I leave our supervisory sessions feeling supported, empowered and understood.

Michael Webber