Coaching & Consultancy

As a coach and consultant; 

Julie has worked with CEOs in the public and private sectors. Being a business woman herself has led her to successfully coach directors of private companies, including management consultants, hotel owners, manufacturers, gp practices and lawyers.  In Elliot-Griffiths, she trained alongside her business partner a large number of people from all professions who have gone on to successfully create their own training programmes, consultancies and businesses.  

As a personal/life coach she has worked with people from all walks and stages of life from writers, theatre directors, teachers and the clergy to full time parents returning to work, ex-military personnel returning to civilian life, doctors, nurses social workers, administrators and people going through difficult court cases.

There are many useful models and methods that can be taken from the field of applied psychology to work in the service of teams, communities, organisations and businesses. The use of them, however, does require an educated mind who can think outside of the single discipline, or single dimension. Sometimes a group of people who work in a particular field, mimic the characteristics en masse of a particular personality style.



Services include:

  • Creating a new vision for the next part of your life
  • Work related issues
  • New projects
  • Managing change
  • Self transformation at different stages in one's life
  • Managing a vision for a company, institution, staff



Case Study

Working with a company some years ago, who made safety equipment for North Sea oil, we discovered that the conflicts between the production engineers and the people from research and design hinged to a large extent on the nature and strategy of communication, as well as socio-economic factors and traditional culture and values. In resolving the conflict that had become endemic, by sharing and using a couple of models and paradigms unfamiliar to both until that time, I helped to loosen the gordian knot without having to hack it in half. Once the different styles of communication seemed to make sense to both groups, the issues of values, skills, perspectives and problem solving became much easier. It made it simpler to argue about solutions from a problem solving perspective, rather than getting caught up in interpersonal warfare which was singularly unhelpful, and bewildering for those involved.

This way of working stops the cult of the expert consultant coming in 'knowing best'. Instead it enables a process of creating a climate, a methodology and a set of skills to help experts on the shop floor listen to each other and respect the knowledge and skill base each has to bring to the solution of problems.

When coaching, I help the client to discover what he or she already knows and has forgotten that they know, as well as adding new perspectives, dimensions and strategies that they have not encountered before. It is a dialogue not a monologue and a discourse not a speech. It does require trust and humility from everyone who are prepared to engage in a strategic conversation, but in return it brings about the very best outcome that is possible.

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I first met Julie when my husband and I went to see her for relationship counselling. I was in recent remission from cancer and my husband in recovery from addiction. Julie managed to contain and hold our anguish with enormous skill and compassion. I didn’t realise just how much skill at the time (I came to understood that much later, when my own understanding of the process grew). I only knew that it was the first time I had felt safe for a very long time.

For the outcome? Suffice to say that twenty-six years later, I am still alive and my husband and I are still married.

I heartily recommend Julie as a therapist, teacher, coach or mentor.

Tilly Peterson