Staff and Team Coaching

People need tailor made solutions to issues in companies, practices and professional teams, not the usual off the peg offerings for away days.

The experts are the people working at the coal face at whatever level and it is in clear dialogue and considered discussion that the core elements of any problem can be uncovered.

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Accurate diagnosis is at the heart of good organisational and team building.

The current climate of change, uncertainty, requires both consolidation and flexibility and this is achieved when we create and are part of functional teams and organisations.

What can go wrong is a programme of intervention based on inaccurate assumptions.

So often the emphasis is put on the “wrong “ kind of work, and valuable time is wasted, or there are close communications with the less significant people in the team instead of with those whose roles and responsibilities directly affect ones own performance.



What is needed is accurate diagnosis of the problems and the discovery of the key factor:

  • Considered interventions whether at the level of the individual, communication patterns, roles and responsibilities, operational strategies or vision,
  • These include methods taken from Margerison and McCann, Belbin, NLP, Process Communication and many others. One approach does not fit all.
  • Over the years I have worked with teams in Industry especially where there have been difficulties between Research and Design versus Production,
  • Medical practices where the roles and responsibilities have been a serious source of difficulty, particularly where there are specialists within the practice being under or over used.
  • Educational institutions, both Specialist and in Further and Higher Educations.
  • Muti-disciplinary groups country wide.

Ultimately at whatever formal status we occupy in formal organisational terms, we are all human beings who want to make a contribution and be valued. Our horizon will be different depending on our position in the organisation of the company or institution, but we know

from Social psychology that the informal structure of any organisation is at least as powerful as any formal organisational shape and the role and function of a consultant coming in to assist in change management and organisational development is to listen to the highest intentions of key personnel, and consider how the stated core values are manifest in the work based community.

If the diagnostics are accurate, the rest is achievable.



What I can offer

  • One to one consultation with CEO’s and senior management teams
  • Consultation with certain individuals at the coal face
  • Well prepared days or half days where problems are identified and strategies developed
  • Building on that over a given period of time
  • On going coaching for individuals and groups during that process
  • Regular assessment and review


I first met Julie when my husband and I went to see her for relationship counselling. I was in recent remission from cancer and my husband in recovery from addiction. Julie managed to contain and hold our anguish with enormous skill and compassion. I didn’t realise just how much skill at the time (I came to understood that much later, when my own understanding of the process grew). I only knew that it was the first time I had felt safe for a very long time.

For the outcome? Suffice to say that twenty-six years later, I am still alive and my husband and I are still married.

I heartily recommend Julie as a therapist, teacher, coach or mentor.

Tilly Peterson