Some thoughts for 2016 and the start of my 69th year

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Spaces in Between

This phrase was the focus of my MA in authorial illiustration at Falmouth University, a few years ago, and is central to my awareness of the significance of chance encounters in the spaces in between the blocks of daily living.

One has just occurred as I started to write this. A man who cleans the clinic where I practice some of the time, and whom I had never met before, began talking about Jung and healing and spirituality with such joy and passion for learning. I asked for his card and his company is called Devon's Angels and it put me in mind of a phrase I have used for many years borrowed from somewhere, which is, angels come in many disguises. This encounter was with someone who was full of curiosity and vitality. This is also true of encounters with nature: skies and seas, cloudscapes and mountain ranges, rivers and woodland, birds and animals, a piece of thrift growing in a Cornish granite sea wall, a nest hidden in a hedge, a beaming smile on a grey day. All these are the treasures to be discovered in the spaces in between.

Much of contemplation, meditation, art and the outcome of psychotherapy is to do with reconnection with those moments in the spaces in between the roar of much of modern life. Living mindfully, or in full awareness is living contemplatively, noticing the little kindnesses, the simplicity of beauty the integrity between people. Precious things can get lost between the over- rehearsed blocks of narrative, curiosity gets diluted beyond recognition by the need to justify patterns and prejudice. To let go and trust in the field of all possibilities is to invite the return of wonder, joy and delight in life. It enables us as humans in the simplicity of goodness to honour one another and be kind. I spent Christmas with my eldest son, his family and that of his partner; friends from the Czech Republic and from the village in North wales. It was like the loaves and the fishes: they all work hard there is not much money but we all felt rich in the sharing of what we had and in one case the offering of a home by total strangers for me to stay. The darkness that hurts and maims the human spirit is based in fear and from that stems the abuse of power and the violation of the sacred.

In the spaces in between the headlong rush for domination, greed and the rest of the 7 deadly sins is the silence the serenity where all is possible where there is enough to go round and the reverence for mother nature.i thought long and hard about using Mother but in this current age of the disrespect of the feminine principle it seemed essential to honour it.

Amongst those with the least are often those who are the richest of soul. Original blessings live in the cracks in the system, the spaces in between.