Stay green and juicy


'Above all stay green and juicy'

This is a quote from Hildergaard of Bingen. Today notice anything however small that brings you joy, and write it down. In fact buy a small notebook to do just that and review it at the end of each day. What you focus on is what you get. What you share you intensify. So focus on what you want. (Ken Mellor)

There is a social media trend at the moment called #100happydays. You post a photo on Instagram or Facebook each day of something that made you happy. It doesn't have to be something big. It can be a small passing moment in your day, a thought, a smile from a stranger, a letter from a friend. The problem with doing this on these virtual platforms are that it can become slightly showy and competitive and you may edit your happy moments depending on who is looking at them.

I suggest buying that notebook and doing a private version. If you have children encourage them to do a picture, word or paragraph in specially decorated books and make it a moment of reflection at the end of your day. It is great to get into the positive habit early on in life.

In your journal note down anything that has delighted you, that you noticed and made you smile, something unexpected, something beautiful you saw or felt, a choice that made that made all the difference, a hope, a thought, a dream, a response to a problem that was different from the usual default position, a piece of writing that inspired you,  a chance conversation that made you think. If these are not recorded, they disappear into the sludgy colours of a day just gone. If noted, they retain their colour, verve, tint hue, vitality and sharpness of focus. Try it! It is so worthwhile.

When you look back on your week, then month, then 100 days you will see how much positivity there was. It reframes events. Go on give it a try!